The Importance of Learning Soft Skills: A Journey of Self-Discovery

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  • May 15 2023
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Group picture from the session

Over the past three months, our team at OpenSense Labs in Delhi has been participating in a Corporate Training Program for Soft Skills. This program has been a valuable investment in our employees' personal and professional development

Throughout the training, our team has gained a wide range of skills essential for success in the workplace. They have enhanced their communication, emotional intelligence, work ethics, personal productivity systems, grooming, discipline, time management, organizational ethics, and worked upon their team building. The program has also provided an opportunity for our employees to learn the art of persuasion, storytelling and enhancing personality.

Employee group picture

One of the most significant aspects of the training was the “Express with Confidence” session, where employees were required to address a picture and talk about it for three minutes. This exercise has helped our team to develop their public speaking skills and articulate their thoughts in a clear and concise manner.

The training also included various activities on team management, helping employees understand how to work collaboratively, build relationships, and improve interpersonal skills. These soft skills are fundamental for effective communication, collaboration, and leadership. By learning and practicing these skills, our team has been able to improve their work performance, build better relationships with colleagues and clients, and enhance their overall personality and quality of life.

Activities of the session

Through interactive and strategic activities, the training program was able to boost engagement and utilize experiential learning mechanisms. Our team members were able to develop essential communication skills, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution mechanisms, grooming, workplace etiquettes, discipline, time management, and organizational ethics. The Corporate Training Program for Soft Skills has been instrumental in helping our employees put these skills into practice.

We are thrilled with the outcome of this training program. Our team is now more confident, motivated, and productive. They have developed critical skills that will enable them to excel in their roles, interact more effectively with colleagues and clients, and contribute positively to our organization's success.

Picture with the Coach

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