Once upon a time there existed on our Earth sacred spiral cone shaped structures. These structures had a particular form and function. They were constructed on five now vanished island-continents over a period of 250,000 years. About 12,000 years ago the last of these devices were destroyed along with the entire continent and civilization known as Atlantis. Even though the culture had become very advanced technically, it had become  hopelessly corrupt. There are no accessible ruins.

We have received information about the these structures that the Atlantean’s called, in their language, The Temple of Renewal or Rejuvenation (TOR).   In 1993 quantum based contacts… The Krton of Magnetic Service  delivered the message that it is time to reintroduce the TOR to Earth once again.

This site is dedicated to disclosing the vast knowledge we have gathered during the 27 years of  investigation into this amazing yet simple and comprehensive healing device.This device is specifically designed to heal all sentient physical beings including animals.


The third dimensional physical shape of the TOR, when placed on the surface of a planet, uses the planet’s magnetic energy field, utilizing  the infinite quantum vortex field, attracting like a bright beacon to the multiverse  the attention of quantum field based healers that serve these Devices all over the galaxy.   The TOR creates a simple, local physical venue for healings to occur in a heart centered healing environment. The TOR is inactive until a living individual enters the conical spiral field whereupon the quantum vortex is activated. It is called

The Heart of the Healing



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The WHITE LIGHT LIGHTS  ~ 2003 One of the things about the Atlantean Temple of Rejuvenation was that the being that was in it brought to it something, and so there was an exchange. It derived a lot of its energy from who​m​ever was receiving the treatment. That energy was used by that device, and … Continue reading

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