Life Spans of Ancient People in Atlantis

The White Lights


The lifespan of some of the people in Atlantis was up to 200 to 260. First of all, you have to have an optimal running TOR like some of the ones in Atlantis which were some of the best TORs ever and have certain people that were trained and open to it in an optimal way. One of the key things is who you start with and how young you start. So if you start with somebody who is very athletic and has a very good diet and has never had any major diseases and they are about eighteen nineteen or twenty and they started going into the TOR, then you are going to get the optimum thing.

If you start with somebody in their forties that have cancer or whatever, there will be an improvement and will live longer and have a better life than they would have normally, but when some of the damage is done it weakens all the different organs and the biochemistry isn’t going to be the same. So if you start with a prime specimen their lifespan can be extended maybe three or four times the normal lifespan. If you take people that are skeptical or have had physical problems or people that are quite a bit older, their lives can be extended by one-third to one-half. So compared to nothing there is a huge benefit.

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