One of the things about the Atlantean Temple of Rejuvenation was that the being that was in it brought to it something, and so there was an exchange. It derived a lot of its energy from who​m​ever was receiving the treatment. That energy was used by that device, and by spirit. It is a physical thing and an organic human thing, and also a spiritual thing.The Findhorn books and the Findhorn channeling are very appropriate here in having a portal that is physical, the human bringing to it their body and their electromagnetic energy and their auric energy. The purpose of this is that the person gives their energy for the time and the [healer spirits] change the energy and then the energy goes back into the human. Over a period of six weeks to three months the physical structure is changed.

In regard to what we said in the beginning, where this would have a slightly different purpose now, the overall purpose would be the same, a type of rejuvenation on an organic, molecular, genetic structure. If there is a type of gene for instance that has a predisposition for something like high blood pressure, this gene could be what we would call re-transfigured, so it’s like re-educating the elemental part of that gene, and that re-education changes it and that has a beneficial result. Another way of thinking about it is sort of priming the well. For a new well you need to put some water in it to prime it to get the vacuum. This is true of this. You need the human to give some of their energy to exchange it and get it primed and working.If you get a s group of humans together that are interested, even if it starts out small and people are coming and going, that itself is like a magnet and other humans that have gotten this muse, whether they have thought of it as the Atlantean Temple of Rejuvenation or whether they have thought of it as something else. This is a very appropriate time with the turning of the century. It is not irrelevant. It is something that can be built and something that can be operational. So we would encourage you here. We have given you suggestions – but obviously you can use your own creativity. We look at it as a muse, we don’t look at it as irrelevant. We look at it as quite relevant and appropriate for our time.

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