The Holy Grail

The White Lights  ~  2006   There is a metaphoric connection and quite literal connection.  They overlap. Any TOR could be considered the Holy Grail.  The Holy Grail exists in the physical and it also exists in the spiritual in the sense that one can achieve those benefits by reaching a certain state of mind … Continue reading The Holy Grail

Life Spans of Ancient People in Atlantis

The White Lights   The lifespan of some of the people in Atlantis was up to 200 to 260. First of all, you have to have an optimal running TOR like some of the ones in Atlantis which were some of the best TORs ever and have certain people that were trained and open to … Continue reading Life Spans of Ancient People in Atlantis

The Temple of Rejuvenation and Shamanism

According to The White Lights, the first humans on Earth to discover the Temple of Rejuvenation were the inhabitants of an ancient lost land called Arterria.  Arterria was an island-continent off the south-eastern coast of Africa that vanished about 250,000 years ago. The White Lights:  "This is where the black race primarily comes from and … Continue reading The Temple of Rejuvenation and Shamanism

Temple of Rejuvenation Prototypes

                 P R E V I E W    Recently the White Lights graced us with a collection of TOR configurations for our benefit and endless delight. We are showing one version.  The full suite of eight will be available when circumstances permit.           … Continue reading Temple of Rejuvenation Prototypes