Important note:  Even though the TOR currently has a design patent, it will not be enforced. We encourage all to explore the TOR healings and share experiences and collaborate to ensure maximum success with your healing Temple,  Mark William Wonner, (858) 449-2350.




The conical form of the TOR is based on the golden triangle
which is derived from the universal golden ratio Pi geometry.

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The dual spiral geometries of the TOR




The unseen Logarithmic Spiral is the energetic vortex of incoming , quantum field, infinite, multidimensional, non-local energy that occupies the cone entering near the vertex end and spiraling out toward the wide, open end of the cone like a musical horn instrument. It accomplishes this by virtue of its physical shape assisted by the composition of the materials of the conical helix shell. This is, in effect, both an infinite antenna and a bright beacon operating in the quantum field everywhere at once timelessly.     

The ToR, resting alone with no individual within is not active, It is a potential. When an individual enters the ToR, it automatically  initiates the non-local portal, opening the space-time continuum  within the ToR and beyond the Tor for a distance of ten meters, the safety zone. This also sends out an invitation to curtain nature spirits and curtain universal space-mind beings (the healers), that the patient is in and the work of healing and renewal may begin.

The Archimedean Spiral is a symbol. and represents the TOR as a symbol of healing known throughout the multiverse as the place of comprehensive renewal of the sentient being who enters.  Also activated when an individual enters, the TOR illuminates as a bright beacon to all existence, broadcasting the time and place of the agreed upon coordinates, calling forth healing entities to assist an individual within the TOR.


The logarithmic Spiral, which is closely related to the Golden Spiral, is an equal-angular spiral or growth spiral, which is a self-similar spiral curve which often appears in nature – is an integral key to the design of the active, regenerative function of the TOR Device.

This type of spiral, when paired with the conical form, creates an energy vortex that is essentially multidimensional and infinite, timelessness. Try combining them on a 3D computer-drawing program to print. One cannot do it. It cannot be defined as it has neither beginning nor an endpoint. It is open-ended. Computers require end points,

In the case of the TOR Device, this spiral is not visible to our eyes, rather it is occurring in the non-physical. The individual that agrees to enter initiates the TOR engine with their own life force energy. Nothing needs to be done or added. Simply stand or sit with the spine aligned with the centerline. Breath, be relaxed & calm. 




Pure Temple of Rejuvenation Form

Theoretically, a full TOR would be one continuous form as shown as if floating in space.  In actuality the structure will need to split into two sections.












While in use,  TOR needs a 30 foot – 365˚ radius around it that is free of sentient beings other than the individual receiving the healing within. Individuals often stand or sit at the perimeter of the safe zone ring to voice a particular mantra which is known to optimize the healing within the ToR.

The safe zone ensures that the healing includes only the energy of the individual within during healing sessions. Individuals may enter the ring between healing sessions.



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