The TOR is a temple and a spiritual device.  Like any temple or device, it is a tool. Tools have particular uses and are designed to be operated in particular ways.  In the case of the TOR,  because it operates in a time-space continuum (Quantum) environment, the operators (healers),  also consciously work in these multiple dimensions and timelines within the TOR.


THE  Elementals  &  Devic Forces

By The White Lights & Author

The word “deva” in the Sanskrit language means a being of brilliant light, a non-physical being. These spiritual forces support nature; they are the elements that assist the transition of energy into matter. Devas have an instinctive knowledge of cosmic patterns, relationships, and harmonies; they do not have to acquire knowledge as all their knowledge is inborn.

They exist in the form of energy in the astral realm; they are like fluid open vortexes of cosmic consciousness. The consciousness of the Devas is directed toward expansion. Devas are always conscious of their environment and want to become ever more conscious of that which they encompass.

People can often perceive them intuitively as the flowing essence of vortexes of energies. However, due to our mental and social filters, we may perceive pure energy such as the Devas as something with a physical form, thus the ancient peoples sometimes represented this pure energy in mythological terms.

Devas have memory—they learn from past experiences and are conscious of the archetypes of the energy field in which they work. They are constantly adjusting their work according to the results achieved. As nature spirits, Devas are here to work with us; they want to develop a relationship of mutual benefit. These elemental beings have focused consciousness; they can take action that can assist us to accomplish many of our goals and projects.

Specific Elementals are responsible for the well-being of our body. They can transform the energies from nature and from our higher bodies to make them suitable for the etheric, and therefore the physical body. This helps your body to function properly in the physical realm of your everyday life so that you may fulfill a greater purpose in the outer world.

The Elementals are instrumental in aiding in any self-healing process because they know the blueprint of your atomic/molecular structure down to the DNA/RNA cellular level. The Elementals can assist in releasing trauma and memories stored or held in the body. They can retrieve healing information on how to best facilitate self-healing or healing for others.

These Nature Spirits are a conduit to the unification of the individual; they are essential to the functioning of the Temple itself. One type of Devic beings helps with the creation and maintenance of the TOR. They create the etheric structure, the environment, and the aura around it. They help to select the site of the TOR and ultimately supply the synergy with the immediate physical environment. They are also involved in the actual healing.

The Elementals are actually what creates the physical illusion of the TOR; they build it and maintain it. They work with the environment of the TOR, the physical form of the initiate, and help change the molecular structure of the body.

The interest of all these Elemental beings is to assist humanity to evolve, and to assist planet Earth. They are the builder-artisans that we can rely upon to help us construct or reconstruct anything, from a New Earth, to our health.

The TOR is a conduit between those realities; it is really the Devic and the Elemental forces at work. The environment of the TOR is somewhere between a daily environment and a dream environment as far as the Elementals are concerned. So, in that pattern, the Elemental beings break down the physical structure of the person.

Then, when they recreate it, instead of recreating it in the exact same way that it was when the person entered the Temple, they recreate it in a different way. Depending on that individual’s past background, and upon that individual’s conscious and unconscious beliefs, and the guides and spirits and allies that the individual has, the healing can be quite extensive.

You are creating a conduit of something that is a symbol and a mechanical device—not only in the conscious daily life but also in the dream world. Within the crystal chamber, the initiates go into the dream world where everything is broken down on a cellular, molecular, atomic and subatomic level; then, when it is recreated for the daily reality again, it’s a different creation. It employs the same Devic Forces, Pixies, and Elementals that create the illusion of a physical reality.

Basically, the Temple is a prior agreement between the daily reality, the dream reality, and the individual and the Devic forces. When the person “wakes up” or comes out of the Temple, they need to be gentle with themselves and need to be “reactivated” again because they are a newborn child to the world. Even though they have the same mind and the same soul, their physical structure is different.

Even if the life of the person was rather destructive; because they had an epiphany in the Temple, and because they are pure of heart, and because they have good intentions and are open, they can have a huge change —they can be totally re-invigorated.

The Elemental beings are more than willing, in fact, they would jump at the opportunity to do this because their overriding motivation is to create the greatest harmony for all. This is a privilege and a pleasure for them to be able to be involved in this.

The Devic forces and elementals have to do with the environment and the environment of the body and changing the molecular structure of the body. The individual has his or her own expectations and focus and goals and abilities. Their creative center has its own limitations of the person.  The Elementals have to do with the physical structure. The Fairies are sort of guides afterward for at least several days to try to cushion the environment.


 The Seven Levels of The White Lights

By The White Lights

“The Seventh Level of The White lights has to do with bridging the gap between the physical and the spiritual. The White Lights work to gap these two aspects. work to gap these two aspects. That’s what we do, The first, second and third level White Lights, but they do it on a more cognitive level.

The White Lights number Seven do it on an Energy level. “As far as consciousness goes, all these different realities and consciousnesses of sentient beings are happening simultaneously.

For instance, the molecular that make up the room you’re in now, as you look around from your viewpoint as you go to sleep and you are dreaming a dream in a location – particles are actually rearranged to become that environment. So it is like a set.

Everything around you is a stage set, and as you travel in the physical reality, in a sense you’re staying in the same place in the center of the universe and the sets are changing around you. So they are sort of broken down and rearranged into the formula and design of where you were when you went to sleep.

Now, in the TOR,  it is a conduit between those realities and it is really the devic forces, the elemental forces at work. It is something between a daily environment and a dream environment as far as the elementals are concerned. So in that pattern, the elemental beings break down the physical structure of the creature.”


Psychological & Spiritual Counseling  — Physical Therapies

Before entering the Temple, individuals may want or are advised to prepare  themselves physically, mentally and emotionally for the experience.  Physical therapists can assist to relax the body through massage, stretching, grounding and relaxation exercises.

Councilors may be recommended or requested to help bring the individual to a state of of inner peace, relaxation, and openness.  Depending on the location of the Temple and the individual,  Facilitators on-site or near the Temple or near the individual can help prepare them to make each visit in the Temple most advantageous.

Some individuals may not sense the need or want preparations for the  TOR experience. There are no rules here. This is not about being serious or regimented. It is more about play and wonder and discovery and the joy of opening you to all that you are.

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