Investor’s Corner

Mission Statement

We intend to provide high value physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support services and devices for individuals of Earth regardless of race, spiritual preferences, gender and social or financial status.  We anticipate providing the world with Physical Temples of Rejuvenation (ToR) & instructions on how to fabricate and operate them in their own lands.  We are told that approximately 25% of people on Earth will want to go into the TOR, that would indicate a probable user base of approximately eight billion individuals.  This is a new paradigm that has limitless implications for the health and wellbeing of all who enter the ToR.  This is a Service-to-Others endeavour. Access to TORs will not be available on a sliding scale fee structure. Our commitment is to make TOR healings available anyone that wants the experience.


Angel Investor

Donations of money and/or accessable land (Minimum 3,000 square feet.)


Limited Partnerships


Operations associates & consultants.  

physical, mental & psychological therapists

International affairs and patents expertise.

Legal representation

TOR Healing Centers and affiliated or unaffiliated retreats, wellness centers & spas, etc.

TOR properties management, domestic and overseas fabrication, worldwide shipping systems. 


please use the following form to contact us:

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