The Author

Mark William Wonner is a licenced architect.  At the age of 10 he was enthralled with the work of the then recently passed Frank Lloyd Wright. He knew then that he wanted to create architecture. Parallel to that inspiration, he is interested in space travel, science fiction, spirituality, channeling, healing, shamanism and the unexplained. Mark studied many forms of bodywork, meditation, and east-west spiritual practices.

Notable learnings are Transcendental Meditation, Arica School of Knowledge six month training, Berkeley Psychic Institute graduate, EST, Rebirthing Breathwork, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Lightbody Activation Training, Shamanic Ritual Postures Work, Various forms of yoga and kundalini; Shorinji Kempo, Kung Fu and Kunlun Nei Gung martial arts as well as Remote Viewing training, Reiki and Human Design Systems.

In 1993 Mark happened upon the live channelings of a being called Kryon, of Magnetic Service. Kryon spoke of an ancient healing temple on the lost continent of Atlantis. Mark was intrigued by this disclosure and wanted to know what it actually looked like. His design was validated by Kryon and was subsequently published in the book Don’t Think Like a Human, 1994, 1st edition.

However many questions remained about this temple, and since this subject is not a Kryon endeavor, no further questions could be answered. In the year 2000 he found a new channeling source for this mysterious structure. Over the next 16 years and three dozen channeling sessions with The White Lights he gathered the knowledge needed to reinvent the Temple of Rejuvenation for our present world.

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  1. My mom’s passing put me on my spiritual journey . I want to learn all I can about the ways of the ancient Aliens so I can remember . Tysm .

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